How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer on Your Skin?

Sometimes you buy a scent you really like only to find out it evaporates in an hour leaving no traces. It’s very disappointing but there is a way out of the situation. Actually, there are several of them. Let’s find out some simple things you can do to help it last longer.

3 ways to prolong the life of your fragrance on the skin

The first way is to layer the scent. Find out if the company that produced your perfume has other products with this smell. It might be a shower gel, body milk or cream, dry perfume, etc. Usually, they are limited edition sets that you can buy at Perfumedor. Using the products with the same scent is likely to build a few layers of aroma on your skin.

The second option is great in case the first one is impossible. You can get a fragrance-free body lotion and use it before you apply the perfume. Moisturized skin holds on to the scent and helps it to emanate from the skin into the air. Get Vaseline and rub some of it in the pulse spots before you apply the fragrance there. It’ll have a very similar effect.

Finally, you can use some other tips that don’t require extra purchases. Put some perfume on your hairbrush before using it. Every time you move, your hair will create a scent path. However, don’t go too far with it because perfumes have alcohol that dries your hair. You may also get an atomizer and put a bit of perfume in it. This way you will be able to apply the perfume again during the day without the need to carry the whole bottle around.